Professional Review Responses

Human Review Responses

$79.00 on the 1st of each month

In the modern era where everything is switching to AI, human interaction is a breath of fresh air. Using AI written auto-responses to customer reviews is a surefire way to send potential customers to your competitors.

  • 70% of users report they are put off if a business responds to a review with a templated or recycled response.

Customer reviews & your response to them play a crucial role in Google ranking – they’re how you show Google you’re a great company and you’re an engaged business owner that provides great customer service. They also are the #1 factor potential clients look at when deciding whether to contact you.

We take great care in crafting review responses that:

  • Are personalized to the customer
  • Are 100% free of spelling & grammatical errors
  • Are 4 to 7 full sentences long
  • Showcase your sincere appreciation of your customers
  • Contain your primary keywords for SEO value (when appropriate)

We respond to 3, 4 or 5 star reviews within 1 business day. In the event you receive a 1 or 2 star negative review, we’ll consult you personally before replying. We are experts at responding to negative reviews and turning one customer’s bad experience into a positive for others.

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